Petals by Kibera

The day breaks its morning 
as you recover 
from last nights passive aggressive
 night of aggression 
passion lasting the complete succession 
never altering 
from the different steps to taking you there 
each detail is detailed very well 
all to compel your soul to give me total control 
from the innermost 
until the outer folds and it’s obvious that this is so  
so I indulge you 
while you’re in your state of comatose 
erotically exhausted due to the pleasure principle
anxiously I can’t wait 
to get back to pleasing your soul 
with the rose petals from 
the preceding which set 
the precedent for the evening
that lay sporadically scattered placed freely 
by the emotions of our souls motions  
I take three 
petals firmly between my teeth 
while you lay helplessly 
across the bed of silk sheets
  face buried 
I move slowly
 to summon your senses to my attention 
sensually not to startle your tranquil sleep 
I gently sweep the soles of your feet 
brushing over your ankles
, calves and the back of your knees 
writing on your thighs 
lines and lines of how you enhance my life 
taking the situation to the next elevation 
I trace your curves the roundness of your earth 
and at the doors to your core 
I emerge 
with a broad tongue and a hunger for a full course
forsaking previous floral arrangements 
wanting to indulge in the fullness of yourself 
the juices so fluid creating movements monumental 
to stimulate your central nervous system 
to its potential 
I impel your pelvis up ten inches 
With you in position
 knees bent on all fours she sits
spread wide I slide betwixt on my back 
eyes fixed as I anticipate the commencement  
I coerce hips in my facial dimension 
with palms
 I grip your waist and apply pressure 
to the small of your back 
until you begin to arch in insatiable satisfaction 
then hands spread wide
 and palms open to grip your cheeks 
forcing a connection from you to me
 with deep suction I inhale your seduction 
while we enjoy the conduction 
the warmest the moistness till I feel your eruption 
secrete all over my face and taste
 the divine wine that shines over me 
and as you shiver and quiver
 trying to regain your consciousness 
I lay you back down in the roses
 from which you were awaken 
to continue your previous state
 back into the arms of the roses
 that embrace you 
and bow in reverence to your scent   
Kibera excerpt from Soul Ignition (Petals) Ig:
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