My name is Jennifer. For so long I have had an interest in learning the world of intimacy and erotica. I would hear so much about couples and how they would lose the spark in their relationships. I realized that was something I wanted to help change.

Six years ago, I created Jade Stone.

I’ve attended adult trade show in Vegas, multiple passion parties and I’m currently finalizing a certification as an Intimacy Coach with Loveology University. I not only sell toys, lingerie, and games, I host pleasure parties for all occasions. My passion is helping those that have questions about keeping or reigniting the flame in their relationships.

The Jade Stone itself represents peace, love, and positivity. It also promotes energy, balance and is said to bless whatever it touches. This is my mission to promote self-awareness through sex positivity. To educate on sexual health and wellness and teach young women to embrace their sexuality. I want to enhance intimacy with and without the use of sex toys.

Most of all I want women, men and couples to feel confident in the bedroom. Welcome to Jades’ Novelties.

♥️Enjoy your sexploration…………..and prepare for an Ultimate Love Session.♥️